Altered Sky Announce Exclusive In-Store Acoustic Tour @ PULP!

Glaswegian pop rockers, Altered Sky, have teamed up with us here at PULP for an amazingly exciting exclusive! It gives us great pleasure to announce that the band will be touring our PULP stores and offering an exclusive in-store acoustic experience, playing their debut album in full. Not only will the band be playing a fully personalised acoustic set, they will also be taking time out to meet and greet with fans. If that little nugget of epicness doesn’t make your day, we’re not entirely sure what will!?

For a full list of participating stores, dates and times, see the poster below:


For more information, visit our Facebook page.

The band are currently making some serious noise, touring both England and Scotland, as part of the Bury It All headline tour with alternative rock band, Speaking In Shadows as supporting act. With the bands Edu-tour experience done and dusted, the band are focusing their efforts towards promoting their latest single of the same name, Bury It All.

Alongside embarking on the Bury It All tour and preparing for the PULP in-store acoustic tour, Altered Sky have secured their latest single, a spot on the weekday evening show of Kerrang! Radio with none other than rock royalty, Johnny Doom as host. It’s no secret that Johnny is a fan of Altered Sky and has previously championed their work, even going on to showcase his support for the band by tweeting the following on his personal Twitter account, much to the delight of fans:


As a follow up to the Bury It All lyric video released earlier this year, the band have recently released the official VEVO approved version, in a bid to promote the single. If you haven’t noticed already, the band are not only wearing new season Jilted Generation clothing in the video, they’re rocking it! Together, Altered Sky, PULP and Jilted Generation are collaborating in order to bring you the very best music, dressed in a way that is not only epic, but also relevant. Check out the Bury It All music video below and see if you can spot the latest Jilted Generation gear:

What has already been a whirlwind of a year for the band, is only set to get more intense with plans for Altered Sky to perform at SXSW as part of the bands plan to tackle the USA. There seems to be no stopping these guys in their search for complete, worldwide domination! Both the UK and America need to open their eyes and look to the Altered Sky! They’re here, they’re making noise and most importantly, they’re putting on an amazing performance along the way. We’re pretty sure that we speak for everyone when we say, keep up the hard work guys – you rock.