Game of Thrones Returns!

Game of Thrones is less than one month away and we’re bouncing in our seats in excitement!

With season 5 leaving so much up in the air we’re not sure how to feel about where we might find our favourite characters (or if we’ll find them at all).

If you’re not up to date beware! Spoilers ahead!


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Season 5 left us with a blind Arya, Daenerys escaping into a horde of Dothrakis (opps), The Mountain seeming mysteriously alive again and Sansa getting a lucky escape with Theon!


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There’s also the Biggy. Is John Snow gone for good or is he going to somehow come back to us? We know nothing! But we know we’ve got all our fingers and toes crossed for a miraculous return…


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We’ve been told by those who have read the books so far, under guarded glares warning them not to reveal too much, that some of these exciting cliff hangers are not matching up with the books so there’s even some surprises in store for the diehard fans.

It’s always worth remembering with any book adaptations that they can’t do everything to the book, somethings just don’t work, so for those of you out there stressing over accuracy, try and sit back, relax and enjoy the ride – we’ll all get to the same end!

At the end of the day in the Game of Thrones, you win or you die, will this season get us a bit closure to who will win? – show your allegiance to the realm with the awesome Game of Thrones Merch on Pulp now!


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