Pokémon Go! And why we love it…

Pokémon Go is out! We are so excited for this game we couldn’t wait to get started on our own Pokémon adventures and share with you what we’ve learnt so far and why we are already in love!

Released on Thursday 14th it did cause the servers to be a bit overloaded and have been crashing quite a bit under the strain.

There’s a new blue screen of death in town…


BUT, once you do make it onto the servers the general consensus for the game so far is AWESOME. The GPS tracking has decent accuracy and details without losing the Pokémon style. It’s not just google maps with Pokémon attached, the houses are cut outs and the different areas and buildings are distinguishable from parks and roads. Which is helpful as it is rather easy to get distracted in the search for a new Pokémon! (Please, please, please be aware of your surrounding when playing!)

The augmented reality in the game is really catching the players sense of fun and imagination as you can take ‘real life’ photos of your pray when you find them. Obviously the results of this ranges between cute, creepy and crude. But seriously what else could we expect?

You start the game with the classic starter Pokémon, getting the choice of Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. (Although it’s rumoured if you walk away from the three choices at the beginning you’ll get the option of a Pikachu as your starter Pokémon!)

After you’ve chosen you’re starter you’re good to go! Simply walk around with the game open on your phone and when you get close to a Pokémon’s location it’ll pop up on your screen ready for you to try and catch.


Once one appears (your phone should vibrate once when a wild Pokémon appears), you simply click on it and it’ll open the augmented reality screen.

This is the bit that people are having great fun with for the pictures, find their Pokémon in the most unusual places.


(Dogs around the country are enjoying the amount of extra walks they are getting due to Pokemon Go’s release.)

Once you have found your Pokemon you will see a pokeball and a ring pulsing around your prey, there will also be a coloured ring either green, orange or red, this shows the difficulty rating of catching your pokemon.

For best results – center the pokemon in the center of the screen and try for a good straight flick of the pokeball. It may take a few attempts to judge the distances and angles.

It’s worth noting if you manage a curve ball you may get extra experience points.

You can of course buy pokeballs, berries and potions at the store but you can also collect them for free from pokestops. These are locations around the country, often shops, pubs or landmarks that show as a blue box hovering over a platform which changes into a pokeball esk shape once you get close enough to use it.


There are also gyms dotted around that allow you to battle with friends and against other teams, the winners can gain ‘ownership’ of the gyms and change the colour of the gym to their team colours. Once you reach level 5 and go to a gym spot you’ll be given the opportunity to join a team.

The teams are Team Valour - lead by the Candela, who value training and strength, their colour is red and their logo is styled after the legendary bird Moltres.
Team Instinct is led by Spark, who believe you’ll never lose if you trust your instincts, they concentrate on how Pokémon are hatched. Their colour is yellow and their logos styled and the legendary bird Zapdos.
And finally Team Mystic. Led by Blanche, this group studies evolution, their colour is blue and their logo is styled after legendary bird Articuno.

So, that’s the basics of the game. When the game was first release there was also a ‘nearby’ option at the bottom to track Pokémon in your area, but alas for now that is no more :( . However if you catch a lot of the same Pokémon you can transfer them to Professor Willow for candy, which you can then use to level up and evolve your Pokémon.

The aim of the game is the same as ever, to catch them all! So why after all this time are we getting so excited over Pokémon? Simple. This was our childhoods! This is what we played. And now they’ve brought it out in real life? Obviously we’re all giddy to go out and beat all our friends.

And best of all? It’s persuading people to get up and go outside! To go for a walk and exercise.
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