Words of Wisdom for a Fresher

Us here at PULP are not unknowing of the emotions and anticipations of starting Uni. We’ve either been through it already ourselves, or know people that have done it or are doing it now. We also feel like it would’ve been helpful if we were given a few of these pointers before we started SO, we’re going to share them with you!

Bearing in mind, everybody’s University experience is different, BUT that doesn’t mean everybody can’t enjoy it in their own way...



  • 1. Rip it off like a band aid.

    So, you’re parents are dropping you off (if you’re lucky). They’ve helped you unpack and you’ve had a wander around campus. It’s time to say bye.

    Maybe you’re happy to have a breather from your parents, maybe you got yourself there, - you guys are just so independent already hey! Or, maybe you’re eating extra slow at lunch before they leave, just to make the most of your last free meal before they leave… Get ready for pasta and packet sauces for a while.

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  • Anyway, you don’t really want to be the last one to meet everyone in the flat do you? Yeah, socialising can be an effort – but, it can also be really easy. Remember, you’re all in the exact same position, so that gives you a lot in common already!

    The first few nights of Uni are the most exciting… You don’t wanna miss out on them and turn up late to find out that they’ve already got a group chat without you do you? Say goodbye to the family and jump in at the deep end.

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  • 2. Do, do, do.

    This is an obvious one. PULP thinks that to get the most out of Uni you’ve really gotta do as much as possible. You basically get thrown opportunities your way in all shapes and sizes, that are perfectly designed for students.

    For example, Fresher’s week is designed COMPLETELY for you guys; to meet new people, have fun and get involved into Uni life. Those organised nights out aren’t a trick to get you in trouble with your lecturers or make you late to your induction in the morning. You’ll realise that they want you to make the most of this week before it gets serious…

  • And although those library tours and course inductions might sound boring, you’ll thank yourself a month down the line when you’ve got your first proper assessment and you’re told that the book you need to read is LB2395.L447…  What the hell does that mean?!


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  • 3. It’s a balance.

    We hate to complicate things. Don’t get us wrong, we want you to do as much as you feel like you can. Take the opportunities and use the benefits to get more involved, learn new things about your course or your campus and enjoy it!

    At the same time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by so many new things in one small period of time. Only you know how much you feel comfortable with doing, if you feel that you’ve got a few too many things to think about already, then have a breather. Make sure you give yourself time to relax and settle in to your new Uni home. We doubt you need encouragement to watch more Netflix, but we’re just saying, don’t take on too much at once.

    Our advice is a balance. Any extra-curricular activities or ‘meet and greets’ you take on outside of your course time, shouldn’t completely consume all of your free time. You’ve got three or four years of this remember? So, if you’ve already got a jam-packed week, maybe wait till next week to grace the ‘Tuesday Drinks’ social with your presence?

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  • 4. Don’t be ‘that guy/girl’.

    So you’re all moved in now and you’ve met all your flat. The group dynamics are very fresh and although you’re all pretty well acquainted, everyone’s still working out their role in the group. Maybe you’re pretty involved and you consider yourself a valid member of the group, or maybe you fly solo and you’re more of a ‘observe from afar’ kinda flatmate. Whichever one it is, don’t be THAT guy.

    Here’s a few quick pointers:-

    1. Don’t be ‘that guy/girl’ who leaves their pile of washing up for weeks in the corner growing mould, which consequents in a relocation of pre drinks to next doors flat…

    2. Don’t be ‘that guy/girl’ who claims two cupboards when there is only 6 cupboards in your flat of 6…

    1. Don’t be ‘that guy/girl’ who awkwardly ignores your neighbours by conveniently looking at that wall at the exact minute you walk past them…

    2. Don’t be ‘that guy/girl’ who cannot get over how funny and weird your flatmates accent is, by going on and on about it well into the third month of Uni. Have you been living in a hole? 

    1. Don’t be that guy/girl who is secretly stealing room 4’s butter. Butter lasts forever right?

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    5. Last but not least, don’t shoot yourself in the foot

    Ok, obviously don’t do that literally! Let us explain...

    Starting at Uni is a huge new thing in your life, it won’t be like anything you’ve ever done before. This is why you really need to enjoy it.

    Maybe you’ve been told that first year grades have a tiny percentage contribution to your final grade, maybe you’ve been told that it doesn’t contribute to it whatsoever, or maybe you’ve been told that it’s really important. Whatever you’ve heard, really appreciate the fact that you’re just starting out. We know it’s really hard to properly put this into perspective that you are at the beginning of a jam-packed 3 years that will really help to shape your future.


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    What we mean is that, you may think that 3 years is a long time but don’t waste a whole year thinking about the fact that you have 3 whole years there. Because, sooner than you know it, you’ll be starting in second year and realise that you only have ONE year between now and your dissertation!!!!

     We’re not trying to scare you, just trying to put it into perspective. Sure, ease into the year comfortably and at your own pace, but at the same time, make the most of first year. Use it to build awareness of the university and start growing your knowledge of your industry and what you’re going to be learning.

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    Think of it as a preparation year. This is possibly one of the most useful years to you because you can start creating the base of your degree and your experience in university.

    It’ll fly past, trust us.

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