Pulp Presents...The Road Trip Mix


Whether you're making the most of these last summer days and heading the coast, or getting stuck in a festival car park for a few hours, we've all got our favourite driving tracks. 

Since we're on a bit of a festival downer, at HQ this week we asked some of our team what their all-time favourite driving tracks were, and why- so crack a window and turn up the volume! 

Chris, Buying Dept

"Pantera- I'm Broken is the best tune for leaving work on a Friday, get in the car, turn it up and punch imaginary baddies! Also, ACDC- If You Want Blood, just the best driving song! Full ACDC pace all the way through, kicking arse and chewing gum! My final pick is Kyuss- 100 Degrees, just because the desert groove is much needed in these parts, British summer and all that! Just takes you right into the desert scene"

Ste, Graphics Dept

"A Day to Remember- Right Back At It Again, the blend of pop-punk and post hardcore keeps up a fast pace throughout until the metalcore breakdown where we are told to 'brace for impact'- hopefully not whilst driving up the M1! You Me At Six- Fresh Start Fever is another favourite, gets the adrenaline pumping from head to toe and the build up to the chorus that just makes you want to put your foot down, Last but not least, Paramore- Proof. It's one for the ladies, upbeat and perfect for a sing-a-long, especially when it's sunny!

Emily- Web Design Dept

"Song 2 by Blur is the perfect start for any journey; you need something up tempo to get off to a great start and this tune is the perfect choice with heavy guitar riffs and addictive lyrics- it's bound to bring out that inner rock God. For best results, turn the volume up! Once you get going, Fools Gold by the Stone Roses is perfect for long stretches of road, just wind the windows down and take in the summer air. With it's splendid bass and unworldly lyrics this track will make you feel awesome! I dare you not to sing along to my final pick, Fast Car by the one and only Tracy Chapman. With it's powerful vocals and thought invoking lyrics, it's great for coming to the end of a long drive"

Betty- Graphics Dept

"I love a bit of Frank Turner, and The Ballad of Me and My Friends is perfect to sing to. If you're stuck in traffic, Do Me a Favour- Arctic Monkeys is good for air drumming and a sing -a-long, wouldn't recommend air drumming whilst actually driving though! I also find Girl from Oaklahoma by Steel Panther a good one to sing-a-long to, might make things a bit awkward at the traffic lights though!" (We can confirm that Betty is in fact, a serial car karaoke Queen!)

Katrina- Admin Dept

"My first pick is Turmion Kätilöt – Nimi Kivessä, it’s a good blend of weird Finnish metal with a bit of a dance/techno feel to the background. For driving home, Satyricon – Fuel for hatred, just cause Norwegien Black metal is always a good way to end the day. My last pick is Rammstein – Ich tu dir weh, I think Rammstein pretty much speaks for itself"

Grace- Digital Marketing Dept

"My favourites are: The 1975 – Girls – Good guitar, cheesy 90s feel and cheers me up when I’m stuck in traffic! Kasabian – Shoot the Runner – This is my ‘on a mission’ song, no messing about, and sounds great cranked up. Royal Blood – Little Monster – Definitely one for helping me with road rage!"

Dan- Web Design Dept

"Such a hard choice! My top picks are: Rolo Tomassi – Kasia. A song of two halves, starts off nice and slow but picks up the pace unexpectedly and doesn't let go.  Whenever this track comes on I remember the energy of seeing them live, and that can’t be beaten! Soil and “Pimp" Sessions – Crush! ‘Death Jazz’ from Japan, not very heavy on the lyrics (CRUSH!) but the music just blows my mind! Good to just drive to on autopilot and enjoy – not advisable if you don’t know where you’re going! Finally, Howling Bells – The Loudest Engine, I love driving to this track, the guitar solo towards the end puts me in the best mood and I always end up putting it on repeat. The title of the track also relates to when I get too into the music and forget to change gear…"

Emma- Digital Marketing Dept

"My top driving songs have to be... The Gaslight Anthem- The Diamond Church Street Choir- Always my first choice if I've got an early start, not too loud, great rhythm and good for a sing-a-long to wake you up! Audioslave- Show Me How to Live- For when you want things a little louder and faster, great for motorway driving. Green Day- Time of Your Life- Stuck in Leeds Festival car park in 2004, this came on the radio as they headlined that year- it was like everyone in the car park queue had it on and was singing along at the top of their voice. Always good when there’s a group stuck in traffic, see how many others you can get to join in!"

It's safe to say we're definitely in the mood for a road trip now! What's your ultimate travelling playlist? Let us know in the comments!