Reasons we miss Breaking Bad

With the rumour mill churning round what adventures “Better Call Saul" will take us on when it finally hits our screens in the near future, it makes us realise just how much we miss Breaking Bad. But why? We delve into what made Walter White’s demise into the underworld the best thing on television.

*Warning, Spoilers Ahead*

Science, Bitch. 

Jesse Pinkman hit the nail on the head right there, Science! Whilst the idea of an unfortunate cancer patient cooking crystal meth under regular circumstances would hardly seem realistic, the way the writers help us understand the chemistry, how Walt used his scientific knowledge to outsmart his enemies (and even friends) not only made the whole story believable, but it made science cool again.   


It’s true, the significance one show can give to perfectly grilled bacon rashers is unheard of outside Man vs Food territory. Bacon was mainly used to show the passing of time, when Walt received his birthday bacon, and boy did it make us hungry. (The same goes for some good old fried chicken, however evil Gus may be)

Skinny Pete and Badger.

Firstly, always having Jesse’s back- good friends are hard to find. The duo always brought an element of comedy to the show in the darkest times, and of course, who can forget Skinny Pete’s alternative Star Trek script?

Hector Salamanca’s Service Bell. 

Forever ringing in our ears, you can always spot other Breaking Bad fans in a room when someone rings one (usually chuckles, followed by a fearful pause). 


Last but certainly not least, everyone’s favourite brother-in-law. We never saw it coming…. 


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